Inner Resilience. Outer Strength.

The mission of Eagle YogaFest is to introduce yoga and mindfulness to individuals and groups, helping them create positive life experiences and uplifting communities.

2014 Cause: UBUnity


UB.U fosters a greater awareness of authentic self and others, restoring the natural balance between emotional and physical wellness, and creating space for compassion, resilience and relaxation. Integrated into the school day, the practice of mindfulness, movement and meditation helps students recognize the connection between the brain, the body and the breath. This awareness introduces life-long tools to regulate stress, improve social-emotional skills and recognize the power of self-esteem. UBUnity enriches communities and ignites positive social change.

2013 Non-Profit: Girl PowHer

In 2013, the proceeds from the Eagle YogaFest were sent to Girl PowHER, a program aimed at helping adolescent girls gain mindful awareness, bolster self-esteem and stay engaged in school through healthy activities, community service and positive mentorship.

Girl PowHER is a gender-specific program serving hundreds of adolescent girls grades 6-12 in Eagle County. By practicing yoga, hiking, biking, volunteering and spending time with positive female role models, Girl PowHER is unleashing individual potential and creating a new culture of fit, confident, self-reliant young women. Girl PowHER

Since 2010, Girl PowHER has expanded into seven middle and high schools in Eagle County with plans to expand to several more this year. By helping girls to develop their own unique identity and presenting access to a variety of cultures and livelihoods, Girl PowHER hopes to increase high school graduation rates as well as the number of women seeking higher education in Eagle County.

Because of constant collaboration with local businesses, schools and events, such as the partnership with Eagle YogaFest, Girl PowHER is quickly becoming the premier gender-specific program in Eagle County.