(where the pause becomes the possibility)

Proceeds from this event will benefit UB.U.


Just be you. It’s what we tell our children. And yet we struggle with it ourselves. We expect a lot from our kids. And those expectations manifest in not-so-positive ways sometimes: temper tantrums; depression; defiance; acting out; even bullying. We haven’t given our kids the tools to understand, process and manage expectations. To them expectations simply equal stress. And they don’t know what that means. Yet.

UB.U is a collaborative grassroots effort that connects with children and young adults to foster awareness of self and others, and to address the impact of personal actions and responses. UB.U works to restore the natural balance between emotional and physical wellness, creating space for compassion, resilience and relaxation.

Integrated into the school day, the practice of mindfulness, movement and relaxation helps students recognize the connection between the brain, the body and the breath. This awareness introduces life-long tools to regulate stress, improve social-emotional skills and recognize the power of self-esteem. UB.U enriches communities and ignites positive social change.

UB.U teaches our kids that it’s OK to “just be you.”