Local Love!

Local Love: Gina Caputo

Oh Colorado! I don’t think I ever really felt the full power of LOCAL until I moved to Colorado. What a state full of great ideas and inspired people who act on those ideas! I am blown away by the number of independent restaurants and small businesses in Boulder and beyond. I am continually in awe of the spirit of entrepreneurship that runs strong in this state and the commitment by consumers to support local businesses with their choices. Now I look at labels and always choose the ones made in CO whenever possible (gotta figure out how we can grow avocados here though!).

And this is one thing that makes me exceptionally proud to be presenting at Eagle Yoga Fest again, a homegrown, grass-roots yoga festival that showcases the beauty of our state, our people, our businesses and our causes. One of our festival sponsors is especially near and dear to me, Denver-based be present, known for their vibrantly colored and highly functional clothes designed and made right here in Colorado. What? Yes, indeed. In a world where its generally cost-prohibitive for a small business to keep manufacturing in the USA, be present takes that commitment a step further and found a way to keep it local, in COLORADO! Their commitment to keep it local reflects the spirit of the people of Colorado – fiercely loyal, conscientious and proud.

Their motto is simple and its one I try to practice all day, every day. Stay with the present moment as it unfolds – take it all in, the people, the scenery, the tastes, the feelings. Live life fully, take chances, make commitments to what is important to you, no matter how challenging that […]

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The World is Your Runway…

-Shannon Patterson will be selling Liquido Yoga Pants at this year’s Eagle YogaFest.


Coco Chanel was once quoted as saying – “Every day is a fashion show, and the world is your

runway.” Somehow, in 2013 I woke up and realized that not only was my yoga practice in a rut, but

so was who I had always wanted to be. After more than a decade of strict dress codes in Corporate

America and barely finding time in my busy schedule for yoga; I realized my world and look needed

some shaking up. So, after some fastidious research I took a leap of faith and signed up my first 500

Hr. Yoga Teacher Training and booked the longest direct flight I have ever taken in my life to Cape

Town, South Africa. I arrived to the Southern Hemisphere with my suitcase full of yoga clothes ready to

welcome the change in culture and to enliven my spirit with some adventure and new yoga wisdom. I

carefully unpacked, stacking all of my yoga pants in one neat little pile and all of my shirts in another. I

awoke early the next day so I could be the first one there to get my preferred mat spot, journal – check,

pen – check, water bottle – check! What I was not prepared for, was that I was the ONLY one who had

on black yoga pants. As yogi after yogi came pouring into the studio, I found myself salivating like a dog

in Pavlov’s experiment over the colors: brick red, magenta, plum, deep sea blue, bright spring green,

vibrant white, brilliant yellow. Not to mention the PRINTS – oh my – the swirls, the peacock feathers,

the animals, the hard core skulls, the pretty florals, and on and on!

I arrived home from […]

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Emily McCormack, Founding Partner UB.U

The beginning of the new school year also was the start of our UB.U pilot program for 2014-2015. It’s been a whirlwind and we’re thrilled to be teaching mindfulness, movement and relaxation in 17 classrooms in Eagle County, from kindergarten through high school.

Last week, I got to spend time with kinder and first grade students at Eagle Valley Elementary School (EVES). Since this was the first time many of the kindergarteners had experienced a UB.U lesson we kicked things off with the basics: mindful listening.

Imagine being five or six years old and sitting mindfully – criss-cross-applesauce – with eyes gently closed, just listening. No moving, no thinking, no giggling, no twitching, itching or tapping. This is a tough exercise for many adults, so you can only imagine how the kids fare. So much for basic, right?

Kids’ bodies are biologically wired to be in motion. And yet we, as adults, ask kids to be still and listen. A lot. I can hear myself ask it of my own children and I cringe. But, in our society, this is sometimes a necessity (in school, for instance). Yet, we haven’t provided our kids with the tools to listen and be still.

UB.U to the rescue…we’ve got the tools!

We begin with mindful listening. First, I taught the kinders and first graders how to put on their mindful bodies (criss- cross-applesauce, straight spine, attentive and peaceful in their seats), which allowed calm and quiet to fill the room. We practiced the difference between mindful bodies and crazy, lazy bodies for a few moments, and then I introduced yoga bells. The kids LOVE the bells. I asked them to put on their mindful bodies and open their ears. And then I rang the bells. The kids listened and let big, bright smiles light up their […]

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Eagle YogaFest…The Yoga Festival for EVERY Body!

Are you a yoga festival virgin?? Considering coming to Eagle YogaFest, but aren’t sure if you can handle 4 classes a day? Maybe you are a little nervous about spending the weekend with a bunch of “experienced yogis”?

Eagle YogaFest is the yoga festival for Every Body. Experienced festival goers and festival virgins a like, Eagle YogaFest is a great place to have your first yoga festival experience. First time festival goers may enjoy classes like Intro to Baptise Yoga with Dave Farmar while experienced yogis should check out AcroYoga with the YogaSlackers.

When Yvonne first came up with the concept of Eagle YogaFest she wanted to host a yoga festival that anyone could feel comfortable attending. Experienced yogis to yoga novices, she wanted all her students to get the opportunity to take classes from a line up of great teachers while having a great time!

We hope you will join us at this year’s event.  To make the best of this year’s festival here are some suggestions for attending this year’s Eagle YogaFest:


1. Vary your schedule! Sometimes we get so excited about the opportunity to take 6 classes in one weekend about getting upside down that we forget that isn’t the best idea for most of our bodies. Be sure to provide some variety to your schedule so you aren’t exhausted before your first day of classes is even finished.

Schedule a restorative yoga class, participate in the Better Together meeting, take a lecture! Give your body opportunity to rest!



2. Speaking of rest… Participate fully in class, but remember to take it easy. Drink lots of water. Take breaks in class. Treat your body with kindness. If you are visiting us from a lower elevation this is especially […]

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Being Present Makes a Difference…

~Being present makes a difference and sparks connection~
Let’s face it, whether you are 40 or 14 being present is something that we
seem to be moving further and further away from at this time on the planet.  All
the new technology; texting, twitter, facebook, instagram, video games and so on, is a distraction from being in the present moment and connecting human to human and heart to heart.
The more I look around these days at teens, it seems that one of the most valuable connections they have is with their smart phones.  I had an experience in the not so distant past with a family member and his friend, both in high school.  We went out to Sylvan Lake for a night to stay in the cabins enjoying nature and connecting with one another, at least that was my intention.  As soon as we arrived the boys immediately discovered the weren’t able to get cell service and the were not happy about it.  I hoped they’d move past it and we spend some much needed quality time together.  After weather moved in and we were forced inside the boys started getting ancy and bored because they couldn’t use their phones.  Let me just say it was a BIG deal for them.   So, we spent the next couple of hours attempting to reel the boys in by playing games and talking, however what keep showing up was their boredom due not being able to get on their phones and see what was going on.  There seemed to be an awkwardness in the boys attempts to spend time with one another.  Finally my brother couldn’t take it anymore and he let them drive down into Eagle, […]

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How to Visit Eagle, CO: The Right Way!

Exploring Eagle is like creating a recipe.
You have a main part to the dish, but it’s the little ingredients that really make the creation stand-alone from others that may rival it. Fishing, hiking, and mountain biking make up the bulk of the recipe and they are the things that make Eagle truly unique. The great outdoors is what Eagle is most known for. With access to many different trails that can be enjoyed via mountain biking, hiking, or horseback riding, it is certain that these lively activities are the main part of the dish.

However, it’s the little things that Eagle has to offer that makes a visit to Eagle just a little bit sweeter. Just as a touch of cinnamon would add a whole new flavor to an unsuspecting dish, a warm coffee from the folks at Red Canyon Café or a friendly wave from a stranger, or even embracing your inner child at the Brush Creek Park, will all add a little something special to your visit to Eagle.

Everyone knows that a great recipe is not complete without a secret ingredient. And that secret ingredient, my friends, is you. Whether you’re your own secret spice or someone else’s during Eagle YogaFest, it can be certain that without you, this experience would not be the same.

With that being said, make your visit to Eagle, CO and Eagle YogaFest your own recipe. Of course, don’t forget the big things like mountain biking between yoga sessions or trying out fly-fishing for the first time, just remember that the little stuff is just as important.    -Kelly Cassidy

Love Your Self (First) by: R.R. Shakti

[via Elephant Journal February 2011]
Please be sure to secure your own mask, before assisting others.
Lately, I’ve been spending a ton of time in airplanes: to California for school, to Nebraska for Inner Power Yoga Teacher Training, to Africa for Yoga World Reach. Admittedly, I have become one of those passengers who (at the risk of seeming rude or reckless) barely lifts an eye toward the safety instructions at the onset of each flight.

There is, however, one bit of the pre-flight demonstration that catches my attention every time. I guess you could call it my favorite part: “In the event of a loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the compartment above your head. Please be sure to secure your own mask, before assisting others.”

This phrase strikes an unexpected chord on my heart strings as a sweet gesture of LOVE. Love can be found in the smallest gestures. Love is an action word, after all, a way of BEing. But it is also so much more. I submit, that Love is our True Nature. We allow ourselves to be and experience this Love through our choices and actions. And yet, it is also there, waiting in the stillness, when we quiet our minds and take a breath.

This airline safety instruction reminds me: if I cannot Love my Self first (in that quiet place within), my Love for others has no ground for stability or sustainability. And even the grandest gestures of Love lose their potency. It is easy to get caught up in it—the soaring heights of Loving others and gaining their Love in return. It feels exhilirating. I delight in the AMAZING lift from affirmations on how I spread the Love everyday; as a Sevite Yogini, a daughter, […]

Open hearts, open community – visit Eagle YogaFest!

At Eagle YogaFest, strangers become your friends.
Spirits and hearts beat together as one.
The fall season is certainly a sight to behold in the Rocky Mountains. In Eagle, Colorado, the vibrant colors kiss the hillsides with hues of red, yellow and orange, exuding a unique warm glow throughout the town of Eagle. Aside from the breathtaking views, Eagle offers locals and travelers alike a sanctuary for people to grow as individuals and as a community.

At Eagle YogaFest, handshakes are replaced with hugs, office chairs replaced with yoga mats, and a business agenda replaced with downward dog. Simply put, the environment of Eagle YogaFest is the exact opposite of the workplace, and Eagle provides a haven to escape into a weekend that is truly dedicated to you.

Let the strength of your breath combine with the spirits of others and let the flow of your practice become synchronized with your neighbors as you become bonded to the people surrounding you, a bond that is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Embrace the support from the community behind you and navigate through challenging poses. Because, they are just as determined as you to see the end result.

Visit Eagle for the beautiful fall colors and jagged mountain peaks, but stay for the community that welcomes you with open arms and hearts, ready with a space made just for you.

Welcome home.

-Kelly Cassidy

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My Guru is 4 ft Tall

Working with children is a bomb proof, no fail way of learning the art of presence, the truth of acceptance, and the idea of unconditional love!
While swinging at the park with my son, a conversation blossoms with a twelve year old girl. She is authentically charming, and exudes admirable comfort in her own skin. We begin a sway of back and forth on the chain link swings. She starts talking about her life- relationships with her friends and the dramas that follow. For a minute I half tune in, think about how hot it is on this summer day, and pump my legs a few times to catch a breeze. I forget the fact that I’m neglecting to offer a listening ear to this young girl who keeps talking about such an intimate part of her life- relationships.

Relationships – the glue that holds all of life’s projects together.

I immediately tune way back in, realizing this girl has something to teach me. My new park friend continues to talk about how some of her friends don’t respect her for who she is and how she is learning to deal with it. Speak louder! – I silently say to myself. Dear young one, what do you have to teach me on this hot summers day about learning to let go? She continues to tell me with beautiful, fresh, keen eyes that she is working on creating space from these girl friends in her life who don’t respect her for who she is. Uh, do I hear the practice of non-attachment here? This twelve year old has figured out how to make herself unattached to people, feelings, and situations that don’t serve her anymore? She then goes on […]

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Meet Rachel DeLong. (Eagle YogaFest Instructor/ Girl PowHER Teacher and Mentor)


I began yoga many years ago by going to classes at a local studio.   At the time I was a competitor, I had spent a most of my early adult life competing in triathlon, running, snowboarding, white water kayaking and adventure racing. I was extreme, everything that I took on I pushed to the fullest so that I could to be the best that I could be at it.  In one sense I did it because when I’m passionate about something I go “All In” and on the other side I used it to validate who I was.  In my mind I thought, “If I’m great at something, people will like me, one of those people being myself.” I went to yoga because I heard it would enhance my athletic endeavors. Literally my first couple months of classes people laughed with me as I made my way into what resembled the poses the teacher was calling out.  The first few years of yoga fed my need for perfection and competition.


It wasn’t until I had my first son and I began going to Baptiste Power Vinyasa classes that something shifted in a big way for me.  I remember the words the teacher said as I laid in savasana, “Who are you and what is your dharma”?  I left class that day filled with curiosity and knowing there was more to this practice than just the physical and there was definitely more to me than how I was choosing to live.


My first son was 8 months old at the time.  Being a mother was something that I had placed in the category of “I’m going to be the best mom”.   I grew up with a mother who […]

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