Project Description

R.R. Shakti ERYT 500 has been teaching “the blissipline” of Inner Power Yoga® since 2000. She is a certified massage therapist and has studied holistic approaches to health and well being for over fifteen years. Shakti has traveled extensively throughout the world gaining insight, experience, and inspiration; bringing yoga and hope to people from all walks of life. She combines ecological awareness, social service, and mind/body integration to offer a message of peace and personal empowerment.

Sharing her message with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, cancer patients, those struggling with substance abuse challenges, and friends with special needs; Shakti is a firm believer in the power of yoga to awaken the body’s own healing process by aligning with Grace and celebrating the unique expression of one’s True Nature.

Shakti holds an A.A. in Outdoor Recreation Leadership from Colorado Mountain College, a B.A. in Traditional Eastern Arts from Naropa University and is currently pursuing a M.A./Ph.D. in Mythology and Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

With gratitude and love, Shakti honors the great teachers who have inspired her life and teaching:
Baba Muktananda, Sreedevi Bringi, John Friend, Anthony Bogart, Shiva Rea, Nataraja Kallio, Gary Kraftsow, Don Stapleton, Douglas Brooks and Tom & Deborah Redding.