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Jim Keegan is the founder of Yoga Nirvana Studio, and has taught yoga in the East Valley of Phoenix for over 9 years. In addition to teaching at the studio, he teaches internationally, in workshops and retreats.

He has a B.S. Kinesiology and Biomechanics, and served as Head Yoga Teacher at Arizona State University (ASU) for nine years. Jim ‘s experience includes a number of other leadership positions, including Director of Yoga Teacher Training at a local studio/training educational facility, where he taught exercise physiology and was head instructor as well as key program advisor.

Jim’s Biomechanics background assists his teaching, providing a context and vocabulary for articulating anatomy and physiology concepts during class to help students visualize and improve their physical poses during yoga practice.

Jim’s teaching and philosophy are informed by his technical training, and his classes are further colored by his ongoing interest in the study of yogic texts, Greek mythology, Irish Celtic Folklore, and time-space theory.