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Project Description

At a depleted state of energy, seeking restoration, Erin found her practice. Yoga, energetically connecting her with balance and harmony in the midst of recurring illness and exhaustion, deepened her self awareness. The light bulb went off and the true work that needed to take place in order to heal became apparent. She began to make her commitment to take care of herself a priority, and dedicated herself to the practice.

Erin completed Evolve 200 Hr Teacher Training with Amy Baker and Keri Bergeron with the intention of integrating yoga into her daily lifestyle to achieve overall health. To her surprise, and with much delight, she was inspired to do so much more.

Erin feels that yoga is the natural way to achieve comfort in ones own skin. It is the balance and play of weaving creativity with passion that connects you with your true self. When the focus is present, goals can be set, visions achieved. Stepping back and creating space allows you to realize that you are your greatest teacher.

Sharing her perspective on life and the interconnected beauty of unconditional love for yourself and others is what brings her to teach. Her classes create space for her students, allowing them to get interested in the ‘transition’ that is life. She offers a place to create sacred intentions that have the ability to heal.

While her love for the asana practice has always been a rich reminder of how physically strong and capable we all are- it is the spiritual and discipline practice of ‘living it’ that truly sparks her intention as a teacher. Coming to her class will encourage the beauty of living in your personal power, touching the side of your true source that believes that there is something bigger than yourself out there waiting for you.

Erin has studied with Kidding Around Yoga and is passionate and inspired by the potential of the next generation. She loves sharing the creative expression that yoga has to offer youth of all ages. She has also received her level one Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification and is strongly rooted on the path of continuously seeking a way to heal herself, others, and the planet.

Her biggest practice is her beautiful family and her role as a homeschool mama. Everyday is truly a blessing. Gratitude.