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Meet Erin Fernandez!

Meet Erin Fernandez! Erin has studied with Kidding Around Yoga and is passionate and inspired by the potential of the next generation. She loves sharing the creative expression that yoga has to offer youth of all ages. She has also received her level one Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification and is strongly rooted on the path of continuously seeking a way to heal herself, others, and the planet. Our Creative Manager Julia Clarke caught up with Erin to talk yoga, home schooling and healing!   JC: Your bio talks of your intention to weave yoga into your daily life. How do you achieve this? EF: One of my favorite quotes is "how you live your days is how you live your life". I love that!  For me, that's about getting to a place where there is no separation between my practices and my lifestyle. Using the insight and focus I cultivate on the meditation cushion to be the driving force behind the manifestation of my reality.  It's not about handstands and downward dogs for me, but instead a deep desire to humbly never stop learning about myself, and to lead a simple life full of meaningful experiences. Everyday is a chance to create a life you love through intention- that is how I continuously weave the practice of yoga into my daily. JC: I know the past few years you have been busy home schooling your son. How do you incorporate what you've learned from yoga into this huge undertaking? EF: One of the most powerful things I've learned through my yoga practice is that we are the creators of our reality! You want to feel love, then be love! You want to feel judgmental, then be [...]

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Meet Twyla Gingrich

Meet Twyla Gingrich! Twyla is a RYT-500 yoga teacher and Mental Health Counselor, who received her training while living in Mumbai, India for two years. She trained in classical, Hatha yoga with her teacher, Prasad Rangnekar. Twyla has been practicing different styles of yoga for over 17 years, such as Anusara, Ashtanga, and Vinyasana. When she began Hatha yoga, she found her practice deepened quickly and it helped significantly to reduce depression issues she had struggled with for years. Twyla is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and works as a counselor for children, adolescents and adults at Colorado West Mental Health. Our Creative Manager Julia Clarke sat down with Twyla to discuss yoga, living in Mumbai and playing in the mountains!   JC: Your class Embracing Your Fears comes at a time when many of us don't necessarily associate yoga with discomfort or fear, and yet transcending fear was an original intention of yoga. How do you use the vehicle of yoga to help students recognize and embrace their fears in this class? TG:  We are going to get friendly with fear! Fear can create some of our biggest limitations without us even realizing it.  Keeping us from living in our heart. Our fears can be amazing teachers and can help us gain clarity in who we really are and what we need. Getting to know our limited mind helps us get closer to a more peaceful center. I hope everyone will leave this class feeling empowered by awareness and choice. It is our choice to 'Fear everything and run' or 'Face everything and rise.' JC: Speaking of fears, you spent two years living in Mumbai with 12 million other people! Tell us a [...]

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Meet Kirsten Cooper (Co-Instructor for Colorado School of Yoga Intensive)

Meet Kirsten Cooper! A former professional ski racer and current yoga teacher, Kirsten’s thirst for knowledge about the human body is hard to beat. This year she is teaming up with our Creative Manager Julia Clarke to offer Ancient Wisdom, Modern Body a single-day Colorado School of Yoga teacher’s immersion where they’ll dive into the effects of stress on the body and mind and how to tailor yoga to counter these effects. The two of them sat down for a chat recently, here’s the scoop!   JC: First of all, tell me about your life as a professional ski racer? KC: Oh boy, my life as a professional ski racer was quite and adventure! I was so fortunate to grow up in that sport, I gained experiences that many don't get in a life time. I got to travel the world and chase a dream I decided on at 3 years old. The discipline and work ethic that came from it are invaluable and have been so beneficial to everything I've done since. On the other hand, it was the most challenging thing I've ever done. I spent every waking hour training in some respect, be it training, lifting weights, eating to perform, doing video analysis, etc., and when I was no longer able to compete, that loss was devastating. JC: How has that informed your yoga practice and teaching?   KC:  The loss of something that was largely how I identified myself was heart-wrenching. I found yoga towards the end of my career and when I retired, It became another training pitch of sorts; being in a truly uncomfortable yoga pose afforded me some valuable tools and practice in dealing with the discomfort that [...]

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Meet Kim Fuller

This year’s Eagle YogaFest is mixing it up with more live music and dynamic classes, including Pose Before Prose: A Yoga and Writing Workshop with Kim Fuller. Kim is a local yoga teacher as well as a freelance writer and avid outdoorswoman here in the valley and we are pumped to have her debut at the festival! Our Creative Manager Julia Clarke caught up with Kim at a recent hut trip to talk all things yoga, writing and adventuring!   JC: Your class for YogaFest this year combines yoga and writing. As a writer how do you find yoga informs your writing, and vice versa? KF: For me, yoga and writing share the same two foundations from which they evolve: devoted practice and heartfelt expression.  A devoted writing practice explores deep thought, and a devoted yoga practice, similarly, reveals deep inquiry. Both mediums of expression must always be shared from the heart to remain meaningful and authentic, so whether I am writing or reading words, teaching or practicing yoga, the experience shines from in the inside-out — heartfelt and true, while grounded in layers and layers of devotion, of patience and persistence. For both practices, the most vital element is the process. It’s not the peak pose, or the published story, that illuminate the most inspiration for me, but all the learnings along the way.   JC: Can people who don't consider themselves "writers" still come to your class, and what can they expect to glean from it? KF: Whether writing seems like a challenge for you, or it comes easily, this workshop is designed to create brain space and structure for anyone who is seeking it. Often, a cluttered mind keeps us from really [...]

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Meet Julia Clarke

Meet Julia Clarke! Julia is our Creative Manager at Eagle YogaFest and has been teaching with us since our inaugural year. YogaFest founder Yvonne Schwartz sat down with Julia recently to talk all things Yoga. YS: You’ve actually been teaching with us at Eagle YogaFest since it’s very first year. What’s your favorite thing about it? Yeah I feel like I got grandfathered in! I’ve said since year one that Eagle YogaFest is my favorite yoga festival and it’s true. I come from a pagan country where we have a lot of traditional festivals of small, tight knit communities coming together. Today’s big national festivals where people come from all over the world are joyful and exultant no doubt, but actually getting to come together once a year with my own friends and neighbors and be in a celebration of everything the practice of yoga has done for us is really powerful. Eagle YogaFest is just such a sweet, inclusive experience for me.   YS: So speaking of being from a pagan country….you started practicing yoga in Scotland when you were a child. Was there a big yoga scene in Scotland back then? JC: No! I think the universe brought me and yoga together against many odds. I grew up in quite a Bohemian part of Glasgow, and I have a mother that was at University in the 1960’s and was interested in yoga and meditation so I just kind of grew up immersed in it. She had a yoga teacher come and give lessons to an after school group I was in probably around 1991 and I loved it straight away. I can remember taking a class with her a couple of years later [...]

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Getting to Know Karen Anderson

Meet Karen Anderson! Karen has been teaching yoga in Vail for many years and has devoted a great deal of time to developing her meditation practice, studying with some of today’s renowned teachers and taking several month long silent meditation retreats. Our Creative Manager Julia Clarke caught up with Karen recently to chat yoga, Vail, meditation and Thai massage!   JC: You've been teaching in Vail for a long time! What's it been like to be a part of yoga's evolution in a mountain town? KA: It has been so much fun!  We started out as a small group with the same practice, and slowly everyone sought out the various training and teachers that spoke to them, and brought this wisdom back to the valley.  Now we have so much diversity of knowledge, but we have retained the small town sense of community that keeps us all connected.  We are very lucky. JC: You started out as an economist. How did you make the shift to teaching yoga? KA: Teaching yoga was a bit of an accident.  My first teacher Argie Ligeros was leading a teacher training when I was only a couple of years into my practice with her at the VAC.  I did her training with the intention of being able to practice alone at home, but within weeks was teaching at the Racquet Club because the one teacher in East Vail moved away.  It was so fun to share the practice.  I was a full-time economist, but continued teaching on the side for 8 years.  Every year I would do more trainings, and fall more in love with yoga and teaching, and add more classes.  Then in 2007 I ended up- again [...]

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Getting to Know Jessica Jollie…

Jessica Jollie was raised on a sweet little farm in the southeast and has been practicing and studying yoga for 20 years. A snowboarding accident in Northern Tahoe left her with a bulging disc in her lumbar spine and fractured bones in her arm. the event turned out to be a blessing in disguise as she learned how to heal her back with the therapeutic powers of yoga. she has been a teacher for 15 years and her Masters degree in Counseling additionally influences her classes to be introspective physically, psychologically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. She teaches Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin Yoga and she is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist. Her teaching style is often described as patient, knowledgeable, and kind, with a childlike sense of humor. She has created and directed two studios in the south and cherishes her Yoga community in Chattanooga, Tennessee at Yoga Landing. She is the creator/director of Yoga Landings 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training and embraces opportunities to travel and teach as much as possible! Our Creative Manager Julia Clarke caught up with Jessica here to find out what we can expect for Jessica’s return to Eagle YogaFest this year!   JC: How is it teaching yoga in Chattanooga? What is your favorite thing about your community there? JJ: Teaching in Chattanooga is dear to my heart. My classes are often attended by students that I have been growing with for years and I love walking into a room of familiar faces where a foundation of trust has already been laid. As a community we genuinely welcome new students to practice with us as well. I encourage my students to create a warm, safe and inclusive environment JC: Like [...]

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Meet Jeremy Wolf…

  Meet Jeremy Wolf! Since childhood, Jeremy Wolf has pursued the growth and development of both mind and body in what started with a deep interest in the martial arts. After reaching a second degree black belt in Taekwondo, he went on to teach as an assistant and many years later found Capoeira where he trained and taught with the American Capoeira Association in Boulder/Denver, Colorado. His yoga and meditation classes seek to incorporate the holistic practice of yoga illuminating the transcendental element of yoga’s deeply spiritual origin. His time off the mat is usually spent immersed in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains or in his musical passions of djing/producing ethnic-electronic music and the exploration of trance-dance as a method for healing, expression, and self-realization.   Our Creative Manager Julia Clarke caught up with Jeremy recently. Read on to get to know him better...   JC: You have a long history with martial arts. Do you feel those practices have shaped how you teach and practice yoga?   JW: Most definitely, although not so much in the way people might expect.  Since I have a history with capoeira, I think some people come to my classes expecting more acrobatic and complicated poses.  While I do very much enjoy and always include some more advanced postures, they're not what shape my intention in designing a class or how I practice personally.  Martial arts taught me a lot about mental focus and stability as well as discipline.  I feel that those principles are what most come through in my yoga teaching and practice which tend to have an orientation toward "mental posture" as much as physical posture.   JC: In a time when yoga is increasingly [...]

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Kick Off to Eagle YogaFest at Bighorn Toyota Glenwood Springs!

Join us on Monday, May 9th from 6:15-7:15pm for a Free Eagle YogaFest practice at Bighorn Toyota in Glenwood Springs! Yvonne Schwartz (director of Eagle YogaFest) will present an all levels practice designed to bring you into balance and increase your vitality this spring season! Come a little early and be sure to check out Bighorn Toyota's eco-friendly car options or schedule a test drive. Everyone who joins us will be entered to win a FREE Weekend Pass to Eagle YogaFest! *(bring a mat if you have one. we will have limited mats on site to borrow). This is the Official Kickoff to our countdown to the 2016 Eagle YogaFest! Bighorn Toyota is a sponsor of the 2016 Eagle YogaFest. If you or your company is interested in supporting our 4th annual event please email us at: for more information.

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NEW Free Community Events at This Year’s Eagle YogaFest!

Bringing together communities through yoga has always been an important focus of Eagle YogaFest! This year we have added some special community events to celebrate the 4th annual Eagle YogaFest. We hope you will join us in a celebration of mindful movement in the mountains of Eagle, CO this October 14-16th! Purchase your tickets soon as class sizes are limited. See you this fall!   Glow Yoga Family Yoga Join us for an all levels, all ages, flow under the black lights! Wear your neon and bring your face paint. This class will be a celebratory opening of the Eagle YogaFest weekend. Honey Flow Glow Yoga with Julia Clarke and DJ Kirby K Join Julia Clarke and DJ Kirby K for a glow inspired Honey Flow. A delicious 45-minute serving of fire-stoking Vinyasa to ignite your Agni (fire) followed by 45 minutes of yin yoga, meditation, pranayama and deep relaxation. This class is for 18+ please.   SoapBox with Scotty Stoughton New at this year’s Eagle YogaFest!!! On Saturday, October 15th from 4:45-6:45 pm. Come experience The SoapBox featuring Scotty Stoughton of Bonfire Dub performing live. Stoughton will deliver an acoustic set of songs stories from his recent two hundred seventy seven mile Grand Canyon river trip on a stand up paddle board and his 5 weeks trekking and paddling across Turkey. Enjoy craft beer samples from Bonfire Brewing and artisan pizza from Pickups Pizza while Scotty takes you on a journey of his travels though music. This will be a unique experience you don’t want to miss! AND it’s Free for Eagle YogaFest ticket holders. The Yoga Pants After Party at Bonfire Brewing As if you needed an excuse to drink beer in spandex... Put on your [...]

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