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Local Love!

Local Love: Gina Caputo

Oh Colorado! I don’t think I ever really felt the full power of LOCAL until I moved to Colorado. What a state full of great ideas and inspired people who act on those ideas! I am blown away by the number of independent restaurants and small businesses in Boulder and beyond. I am continually in awe of the spirit of entrepreneurship that runs strong in this state and the commitment by consumers to support local businesses with their choices. Now I look at labels and always choose the ones made in CO whenever possible (gotta figure out how we can grow avocados here though!).

And this is one thing that makes me exceptionally proud to be presenting at Eagle Yoga Fest again, a homegrown, grass-roots yoga festival that showcases the beauty of our state, our people, our businesses and our causes. One of our festival sponsors is especially near and dear to me, Denver-based be present, known for their vibrantly colored and highly functional clothes designed and made right here in Colorado. What? Yes, indeed. In a world where its generally cost-prohibitive for a small business to keep manufacturing in the USA, be present takes that commitment a step further and found a way to keep it local, in COLORADO! Their commitment to keep it local reflects the spirit of the people of Colorado – fiercely loyal, conscientious and proud.

Their motto is simple and its one I try to practice all day, every day. Stay with the present moment as it unfolds – take it all in, the people, the scenery, the tastes, the feelings. Live life fully, take chances, make commitments to what is important to you, no matter how challenging that […]

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The World is Your Runway…

-Shannon Patterson will be selling Liquido Yoga Pants at this year’s Eagle YogaFest.


Coco Chanel was once quoted as saying – “Every day is a fashion show, and the world is your

runway.” Somehow, in 2013 I woke up and realized that not only was my yoga practice in a rut, but

so was who I had always wanted to be. After more than a decade of strict dress codes in Corporate

America and barely finding time in my busy schedule for yoga; I realized my world and look needed

some shaking up. So, after some fastidious research I took a leap of faith and signed up my first 500

Hr. Yoga Teacher Training and booked the longest direct flight I have ever taken in my life to Cape

Town, South Africa. I arrived to the Southern Hemisphere with my suitcase full of yoga clothes ready to

welcome the change in culture and to enliven my spirit with some adventure and new yoga wisdom. I

carefully unpacked, stacking all of my yoga pants in one neat little pile and all of my shirts in another. I

awoke early the next day so I could be the first one there to get my preferred mat spot, journal – check,

pen – check, water bottle – check! What I was not prepared for, was that I was the ONLY one who had

on black yoga pants. As yogi after yogi came pouring into the studio, I found myself salivating like a dog

in Pavlov’s experiment over the colors: brick red, magenta, plum, deep sea blue, bright spring green,

vibrant white, brilliant yellow. Not to mention the PRINTS – oh my – the swirls, the peacock feathers,

the animals, the hard core skulls, the pretty florals, and on and on!

I arrived home from […]

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