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Meet Erin Fernandez!


Meet Erin Fernandez! Erin has studied with Kidding Around Yoga and is passionate and inspired by the potential of the next generation. She loves sharing the creative expression that yoga has to offer youth of all ages. She has also received her level one Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification and is strongly rooted on the path of continuously seeking a way to heal herself, others, and the planet. Our Creative Manager Julia Clarke caught up with Erin to talk yoga, home schooling and healing!


JC: Your bio talks of your intention to weave yoga into your daily life. How do you achieve this?

EF: One of my favorite quotes is “how you live your days is how you live your life”. I love that!  For me, that’s about getting to a place where there is no separation between my practices and my lifestyle. Using the insight and focus I cultivate on the meditation cushion to be the driving force behind the manifestation of my reality.  It’s not about handstands and downward dogs for me, but instead a deep desire to humbly never stop learning about myself, and to lead a simple life full of meaningful experiences. Everyday is a chance to create a life you love through intention- that is how I continuously weave the practice of yoga into my daily.

JC: I know the past few years you have been busy home schooling your son. How do you incorporate what you’ve learned from yoga into this huge undertaking?

EF: One of the most powerful things I’ve learned through my yoga practice is that we are the creators of our reality! You want to feel love, then be love! You want to feel judgmental, then be judgmental -they are all just choices we make everyday. It’s really not as complicated as it all may seem. We have the power to make an attitude adjustment at anytime, and fill our lives with light and joy.  My intention for homeschooling my son Blu is to give him the freedom to be happy! To create a reality for him where everyday is an act of authentic self-expression. To give him the encouragement, resources, and experiences so he loves himself and life always. I want him to feel empowered by the knowing that life doesn’t have to be put into a box and that he has so many choices! Yoga has taught me how to give that which I seek- freedom to be yourself, and that is what this little labor of love revolves around. I actually call it ‘utopia schooling’, why not?!

JC: Yoga has been a major tool for you on the path for healing. Would you share with us a little (or a lot) about what this has looked like for you?

EF: I am deeply rooted in the knowing that you are your greatest teacher. Yoga has taught me how to do the ‘work’, and not be afraid to look at myself or my life honestly. My healing journey has been about breakdowns and breakthroughs. I am no longer scared of my darkness or insecurities, instead I trust all of the wobbles in life to lead me boldly and brightly to my personal power. I believe that you have all of the answers you’ve been waiting for, the key is to find the time to look for them. We can become so distracted, to a point where we loose our sense of responsibility for healing ourselves! My medicine: silence. Developing an ability to settle and focus the mind through meditation which then magically allows us to see all of our guides and signs that are trying to show us the way home.

JC: Your class blends two modalities: aromatherapy and Yin Yoga. How do these two practices inform each other?

EF: Both are highly medicinal! Yin yoga taps into our feminine energy, the part of ourself that is mothering and knows how to invite in the unconditional love! The essences have so much to offer our emotional and physical states, it’s important to take the time and learn how to receive their messages. Settling the body and mind in a yin yoga practice helps clear blockages and open the channels of energy in our bodies (meridians). The essences are a beautiful complement to this healing practice. When our energy is flowing freely, we feel radiant and connected. Yin yoga and aromatherapy are both a potent way to raise our vibration and heal through natural modalities.

JC: Where can we find you when you’re not on your mat?

EF: Outside!! I love snow, rivers, sunshine, music, dancing, bikes, tents, split boarding, and getting lost on road trips with my beautiful friends and amazing family

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