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Meet Kim Fuller

This year’s Eagle YogaFest is mixing it up with more live music and dynamic classes, including Pose Before Prose: A Yoga and Writing Workshop with Kim Fuller. Kim is a local yoga teacher as well as a freelance writer and avid outdoorswoman here in the valley and we are pumped to have her debut at the festival! Our Creative Manager Julia Clarke caught up with Kim at a recent hut trip to talk all things yoga, writing and adventuring!



JC: Your class for YogaFest this year combines yoga and writing. As a writer how do you find yoga informs your writing, and vice versa?

KF: For me, yoga and writing share the same two foundations from which they evolve: devoted practice and heartfelt expression.  A devoted writing practice explores deep thought, and a devoted yoga practice, similarly, reveals deep inquiry. Both mediums of expression must always be shared from the heart to remain meaningful and authentic, so whether I am writing or reading words, teaching or practicing yoga, the experience shines from in the inside-out — heartfelt and true, while grounded in layers and layers of devotion, of patience and persistence. For both practices, the most vital element is the process. It’s not the peak pose, or the published story, that illuminate the most inspiration for me, but all the learnings along the way.


JC: Can people who don’t consider themselves “writers” still come to your class, and what can they expect to glean from it?

KF: Whether writing seems like a challenge for you, or it comes easily, this workshop is designed to create brain space and structure for anyone who is seeking it. Often, a cluttered mind keeps us from really harnessing creative energy and putting it to good use. The workshop will begin to clear space with the physical movement of yoga, followed by a peaceful meditation, preparing students to hone their command of language and how they want to bring their words to life.


JC: In addition to writing and teaching yoga, you manage to carve out a lot of tiem to spend in nature! How does this inform your yoga classes?

KF: Nature is my ultimate inspiration, my absolute muse, in yoga and in writing! I feel the most connected to myself and to my higher purpose when I am moving in the invigorating air of the mountains, sitting beside the powerful flow of water or gazing up at a blanket of stars. When I am taking a yoga class or teaching one, the messages with which I resonate most deeply are metaphors inspired by Mother Nature, her changing seasons and her diverse elements. I believe that everything we really need to learn can be taught to us out in nature — literally or intuitively — and that’s why I visit her so much.


JC: Unlike most of our teachers, you’re a Colorado native! What do you think is unique about Coloradans that lends itself to a small, homegrown yoga festival in the mountains like ours?

KF: I have always loved Colorado, but I am continually in awe of the amazing experiences we are able to take advantage of here, as well as the experiences that we create together. I think mountain festivals are the best, because they always celebrate all the vibrant elements of the lifestyle I love so much. Eagle YogaFest is the perfect example of how our tight-knit, mountain communities can come together to enjoy common interests, explore new things and create new friendships. I always meet new people at events like this, which is awesome, and I feel like there is always something new to learn from one another — even if it’s learning how to have a little bit more fun, a lot more often. In Colorado, we share smiles, and that never gets old for me.


JC: What is your favorite hike here in the Valley?

KF: My favorite hikes go up and out of valleys, above treeline and in the high alpine areas. From Vail, I love Deluge Lake, because the rigorous climb up and out of the valley brings you to the most pristine area of serene mountain beauty.


JC: What is your favorite yoga pose right now?

KF: I don’t know if there will ever be a day when Half-Pigeon isn’t my favorite pose, but I am also loving Dragonfly Pose after recently trying it for the first time.


JC: You often write about food and restaurants! What dish or drink in the valley are you stoked on right now?

KF: All I can about is rosé recently, and Root & Flower in Vail Village has a whole by-the-glass section called Pretty & Pink. Also, I am SO excited that Kelly Liken is opening up her new spot in Edwards. Cheers!

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