Are you a yoga festival virgin?? Considering coming to Eagle YogaFest, but aren’t sure if you can handle 4 classes a day? Maybe you are a little nervous about spending the weekend with a bunch of “experienced yogis”?

Eagle YogaFest is the yoga festival for Every Body. Experienced festival goers and festival virgins a like, Eagle YogaFest is a great place to have your first yoga festival experience. First time festival goers may enjoy classes like Intro to Baptise Yoga with Dave Farmar while experienced yogis should check out AcroYoga with the YogaSlackers.

When Yvonne first came up with the concept of Eagle YogaFest she wanted to host a yoga festival that anyone could feel comfortable attending. Experienced yogis to yoga novices, she wanted all her students to get the opportunity to take classes from a line up of great teachers while having a great time!

We hope you will join us at this year’s event.  To make the best of this year’s festival here are some suggestions for attending this year’s Eagle YogaFest:

instructor 2014


1. Vary your schedule! Sometimes we get so excited about the opportunity to take 6 classes in one weekend about getting upside down that we forget that isn’t the best idea for most of our bodies. Be sure to provide some variety to your schedule so you aren’t exhausted before your first day of classes is even finished.

Schedule a restorative yoga class, participate in the Better Together meeting, take a lecture! Give your body opportunity to rest!




2. Speaking of rest… Participate fully in class, but remember to take it easy. Drink lots of water. Take breaks in class. Treat your body with kindness. If you are visiting us from a lower elevation this is especially important!The instructors at the festival know you are participating in 8 classes over the weekend. They know you will need breaks. It is ok to sit and watch for a while, to take child’s pose, to meditate.



3. Try something NEW! Take the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and try something new! Eagle YogaFest has lots of opportunity to try new things! Take a class that you wouldn’t normally dream of doing. For some of you that might mean taking 90 minutes of stillness in Anjali Restorative. For others you may want to sign up for Acro Yoga or Yoga Slackline.



4. Stay for lunch! Eagle YogaFest will have vendors on site and will have two Lunch and Learn Lectures with amazing speakers from Eagle, CO. You can purchase lunch (to be brought to you on site) each morning at registration. Then relax as you enjoy delicious food and learn about new topics.



5. Have FUN! Eagle YogaFest has LOTS of opportunities for FUN! Community Yoga, The VIP Mix and Mingle Event, Dark Side of the Moon: Glow Yoga, The Yoga Pants After Party at Bonfire Brewery, and more! Be sure to attend some of the social events at the festival. Meet someone new, share an experience, talk about your day!

-Yvonne Schwartz

Jan Miller